We offer a variety of consulting services in order to effectively eradicate workplace bullying.

Culture Assessment

A great place to start is at the beginning. A culture assessment will provide more detailed information about the bullying and a benchmark for measuring success of training programs and other strategies. The assessment will will also allow me to provide you with information about other areas of focus for ending workplace bullying. Check out the case studies page for more information about how an assessment can provide real value to the process of ending workplace bullying.

Added bonus: The survey also provides the ability to make a business case for ending workplace bullying during the manager training. Oftentimes managers need to be sold on the idea that there’s a problem before they are willing to implement solutions – making survey data paramount to success in getting managers on board with behavior change.

Performance Management

Training is only useful if behavior changes as a result of the training. Therefore performance management must be part of the plan to eliminate bullying – it will make the most impact. I will review your performance management processes, procedures and forms, and work with you to update and revise them where they can impact your culture.

For example, the training programs include time for attendees to fill out personal action plans in order to make the learning “stick.” I recommend those plans be tied to performance management and managers can be taught to hold employees accountable to those plans. I can help with this.

In another example, training about how to “do” performance management is recommended for managers. This training covers how to hold employees accountable, how to hold an annual performance evaluation conversation and use the form provided, how to coach employees who aren’t performing or behaving in the right way, and how to reward and discipline based on performance.

Strategic Planning for Your Culture

During a three-hour strategic planning meeting, we will uncover your organization’s corporate values and how to push them into the pillar of your day-to-day organizational life. Half training and half planning, meeting attendees (i.e., leaders and managers) will be able to define culture and how it affects their ways of thinking and behaving, immediately implement specific tools to ensure your corporate values come alive, work with employees to implement action items that will ignite a positive culture, and manage the impact culture change will have on employees.

At the end of this meeting, you will have a strategic plan with clear and tangible action items tied to your values and that will push your culture forward.

Ongoing Manager Strategy Meetings

Your managers may need ongoing assistance in pushing forward the strategic plan, and/or the ground rules defined during our manager and employee trainings. I will meet with your managers once per month for a period of six months to facilitate conversations about what’s working, what’s not working, and how to push forward on building a positive culture.

Corporate Policy Implementation

During the training programs, attendees will brainstorm a list of behaviors they would like to see from one another (I call the list “ground rules”). The behaviors can be added to a healthy workplace corporate policy that specifically prohibits workplace bullying, and I can help you implement and gain buy-in on the policy.