In order to stop abusive conduct in its tracks, you must focus on four pillars – leadership, policy, training and culture.

Leadership must be transparent in its support for creating a positive workplace culture, and must have the tools and knowledge to make the culture change.civility-consulting

A corporate policy is required to hold everyone accountable. Contrary to most of my competitors in the “field” of workplace bullying, I believe in a Healthy Workplace Policy, not an anti-workplace bullying policy.

At a basic level, training is required anytime a new policy is implemented and a healthy workplace policy is no different. More important, training on workplace bullying or abusive conduct is key, as well as training about positive workplace behaviors and civility.

Finally, abusive conduct happens because of your organization’s culture. I will help you take control of your culture and tailor it to get you bottom line results.

By providing training and consulting in these areas, I will help create a culture of civility. We will work together to create a strategic plan that will push your culture – and employee performance – to the next level.