If only one person is engaging in abusive conduct, and abusive conduct is not an organizational problem, coaching might be the answer.

Our coaching process includes finding ways to:

  • make the individual aware of how their behavior is perceived by others
  • motivate the individual to make a positive change
  • deliver tangible communication tools that can be implemented by the individual
  • hold the individual accountable to their action items

As the coach it is my job to provide the individual with the tools and guidance needed to become a more effective communicator. My coaching plans are clear and tangible; they ask clients to accomplish specific workplace tasks or set milestones to determine whether they are making progress in their endeavor to change.

Our coaching clients will learn to:

  • Overcome denial that communication is aggressive
  • Use assessments to understand strengths and areas for improvement
  • Take charge of the way client is perceived by others and work to adjust it
  • Discover and practice new communication skills
  • Resolve roadblocks to change
  • Be self-aware of emotions, and how emotions affect communication and relationships
  • Understand opportunities for improvement in interpersonal communication and relationships
  • Communicate with others in a way that builds understanding and trust
  • Empathize and respect differences in others
  • Discuss issues or areas of conflict with respect for the other party
  • Be an active listener
  • Use positive language, and nonverbal communication that is perceived as open rather than intimidating
  • And more, depending on Client’s specific needs

For the client, benefits of coaching include:

  • Increased self-awareness and empathy, and improved communication
  • Improved ability to work as a collaborative team member
  • Enhanced organizational awareness

For the organization, benefits of coaching an individual engaging in abusive conduct include:

  • Better performing work team
  • Reduced workplace stress
  • Improved communication among staff
  • Respectful and supportive work environment

Please contact me for more information about this program.