Company Wide Training on Abusive Conduct

This workshop provides the interpersonal skills needed to help your employees create a positive workplace culture they can be proud of. This workshop addresses abusive conduct from several angles. The workshop will provide information for those who might feel targeted by aggressive co-workers by offering assertiveness skills, and those who are identified as engaging in abusive conduct by providing positive communication skills. The workshop also addresses bystanders by creating awareness about the importance of standing up for each other. Finally, attendees will agree on a set of ground-rules for treating each other with respect.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Define abusive conduct in their workplace and describe it as a social phenomenon
  • Describe the damage abusive conduct can cause the organization, targets, peers and customers
  • Stand up for each other when they witness abusive conduct occurring (i.e., assertiveness)
  • Engage in positive communication practices (e.g., listening, collaborative language)
  • Describe their own conflict management style and generate solutions for resolving conflict
  • Reflect on their personal communication skills and define an action plan for improvement
  • Agree on a set of ground rules for behaviors that they will hold themselves and each other accountable to

Sustaining behavior change after the training is over

A training program is only successful if behavior actually changes as a result of attendance. In order to assist you in sustaining behavior change, we will provide you with several tools, including a template healthy workplace policy and personal action plans for all employees to complete. The action plans can then be used by managers in your already-existing performance management processes. We will also conduct several exercises during the training that can be used for a number of internal activities long after the training is over.

Please contact me for more information about this program.