Manager Training on Abusive Conduct

Leaders are responsible for creating a positive workplace where employees can thrive. Leaders need special knowledge in both immediately addressing abusive conduct and creating a positive culture. Leaders must be actively involved in ending abusive conduct at all times, and this three hour workshop will provide the tools to do so.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Define abusive conduct and describe it as a social phenomenon
  • Identify abusive conduct in their department
  • Evaluate their own communication style to ensure they are perceived as a positive force in the organization
  • Describe the damage abusive conduct causes the organization, targets, peers, and customers
  • Immediately step in using tools of assertiveness when they witness inappropriate behavior and abusive conduct
  • Engage in positive communication practices (e.g., active listening, collaborative language) and promote positive communication among their staff
  • Describe the value of having a collaborative workplace to their staff
  • Properly and effectively handle grievances about abusive conduct among their subordinates
  • Coach those engaging in abusive conduct to become more positive team members
  • Immediately take action steps with their employees to begin the process of making culture change
  • Take on the resistance to culture change from their staff, and effectively work with them to shift behavior

Sustaining behavior change after the training is over

A training program is only successful if behavior actually changes as a result of attendance. In order to assist you in sustaining behavior change, I will provide you with several tools, including a template healthy workplace policy and personal action plans for leaders to complete and use in performance management. I will also conduct several exercises during the training that can be used for a number of activities long after the training is over.

Please contact me for more information about this program.